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Resist at The White House


January 25, 2017

I got a 25 dollar parking ticket while shooting this one. And obviously it was well worth it. Thanks to some friends in Washington, I got a heads up early in the morning, and didn't hesitate jumping on the beltway immediately. I knew this form of protest wouldn't last very long. The whole drive my anxiety was building, mostly because of some serious fomo possibilities. Fear of missing out, if you're like me and never knew what the heck that meant. But it's definitely a real thing, i'm glad we've made ourselves a name for it. But being late to this actually paid off, because the majority of the media was covering it from the crane that was actually a few blocks away from The White House. Only getting shots of it from the back, not seeing the whole picture, or the obvious point GreenPeace was attempting to make. By the time I got there I was able to grab a few shots before the wind really ruined it. Within the hour, they were wrapping it up, and many journalist had made their way to the front of The White House, completely disappointed, and I couldn't  blame them. It was one amazing visual. Once in lifetime. Protection Status