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I am so grateful for the way you all care for me. Sometimes it feels so supernatural it makes it hard to comprehend, hard to wrap my head all the way around it. I'm not sure where all of your belief in me comes from, but I am beyond grateful for its existence. You've all been with me since the beginning, watched me grow, and stood by me when I doubted even for just a second. 

Asking for help is never easy for me. I don't want to be anyone's responsibility, or burden. But i've learned that I cannot keep people from being a bigger part of something. I don't want to reject or deny anyone's attempt at getting involved. If supporting me is something you feel strongly about, something that allows you to feel purposeful in moments when many are feeling useless, than I cannot let my pride be what takes that away from someone. 

As most of you know, I'm not the best at making money with my photojournalism. I’m kind of a big nobody in the industry, so I am completely self funded. Many publications want to use my images, but aren't really willing to pay for them, and I refuse to give them away for nothing, to outlets that will then make money off of them. If I had it my way honestly, I'd continue to keep myself separate from them, so that I can maintain control over what stories I tell. This is why I would like to put the power in your hands. You are who I'm doing this for. I want to work for you. 

Right now I am continuing my coverage of Marjory Stoneman Douglas. I will be following behind the students on their Road To Change Tour throughout Florida, but would also like to be able to afford some national dates. So all of the funds would go towards transportation, gas, housing and plane tickets for out of state locations.

I never feel alone in this journey. Thank you all for being with me. I hope to make you the most proud every single day. Protection Status