Photojournalist + Editorial Photographer
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I’ve spent everyday of the last 7 years being a photographer. Even on the days I didn’t pick up a camera. Even on the days when I didn't feel like it. It is a part of my identity. It is what I find the most pride in.

I graduated from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, FL in 2010, but my photography education didn’t end there. 5 years ago I threw myself full time into photography. I worked my way through the fundamentals. Took the jobs that scared me. Challenged myself through a lot of trial and error. Constantly pushed myself to get better. And didn’t stop when it felt like I wasn’t.

It has taken a lot of fine tuning to find the harmony between the two vastly different types of photography I choose to focus on. But one cannot exist without the other, is what I’ve come to terms with. And I cannot function properly without a perfect balance of them both. They require me to connect myself to subjects in ways that sometimes can feel like a superpower. One is an expression of myself, and the other is an expression of the truth. Protection Status