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National School Walkout: Parkland, Florida

Today was such a giant mix of emotions all around. I came face to face with courage, excitement, power, and a whole lot of suffering. On the one month anniversary of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas, students still spend their days in mourning. Watching them take that pain and focus it into a National Movement has been freaking incredible. I don't have to be around these kids, I want to be! Their self-expression, discipline, and determination, are all things I strive to learn from them. 

At 10 am, Douglas students filed out of their classrooms and held a rally on their football field for National Walkout Day. They were met with encouraging words and even music. It wasn't long before West Glade Middle school paraded down the street chanting "MSD!". They were an absolute force. They were living for this. It empowered them. You could see it all over their faces. It was incredible to witness. Eventually students from both schools merged together and made the 3 mile walk to Pine Trails Park, where they would spend a few hours together supporting one another in whatever way was needed most. So many hugs, holding those with so many tears. 

Later in the day, Nova University school made their grand championing entrance after walking 17 miles from Davie, to Marjory Stoneman Douglas. 17 miles for 17 lives. They were pretty beat up by the end of their journey, but all 75 of them held on long enough to pay their respects. I can't even imagine how rewarding that accomplishment was for them. I am wildly impressed. 

Here is what I saw. 



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