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American Heritage Fights for their life.

American Heritage rallied in solidarity with Marjory Stoneman Douglas, on Monday February 19, 2018, right out front of their school. Telling the world that enough is enough, we demand to be kept safe. Organized by student leaders, Faith Ward, Sydnier Rathe, and Nick Fonsecia, who were inspired to make their school a part of the Never Again Movement after speaking with David Hogg after Saturday's Rally For Gun Safety, in Fort Lauderdale. Sydnie exclaims "We no longer think we will make a change, we know it."

Besides the kids who put this entire thing together in 48 hours, and managed to gather over 200 students to participate, the staff of American Heritage was as equally impressive. I watched as the Principal, Vice President, and Head Dean showed up all on their own, to support the students, by directing traffic, to keep them safe. I spoke with them for a few minutes, and all expressed complete and absolute pride in their students.  

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